Sakura Hibachi Steak House

The color of the restaurant is based on personal preferences

The colors of restaurants vary greatly due to personal preferences and personalities. But generally speaking, the restaurant color should mainly be bright and light, and orange and sisters color with the same hue are suitable. Both of these colors have the effect of stimulating appetite. They not only give people a warm feeling, but also enhance the enthusiasm of diners.
Understanding food and enjoying it

The restaurant mainly consists of three parts: a takeout tavern, an organic food store, and a restaurant. The main task of the design is to cleverly place the above three functions in this semi underground space. The takeout bar is located in the corner of the restaurant, above the low tatami room of the restaurant. The store is in the middle of the restaurant, with the kitchen below it
Thousand flavors! Satisfy your picky taste buds and enjoy

When we talk about Western restaurants, we usually refer to European countries and regions, as well as the vast regions of North America, South America, and Oceania where these countries and regions are the main immigrants. Therefore, Western cuisine mainly refers to The catering culture in the above areas. Western cuisine is a collective term used by the people of China and other Eastern countries and regions to refer to Western cuisine, and can also be considered a collective term for Western culinary culture.
Sakura Hibachi Steak House & Sushi
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