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What are the restaurants that people born in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2010s like to go to

Catering is a low threshold industry. Despite the weak real economy, the catering industry still maintains an upward trend. If an old restaurant collapses, another new restaurant will open in good luck. The brutality of catering competition has reached an alarming level, and the homogenization of catering competition is large enough in any region.

Nowadays, catering is no longer a blank area, and no matter what type of business you want to pursue, it is difficult for you to be among the top or only one. Nowadays, what diners want to grab are customers and the money in their hands. "Whoever wins the hearts of customers wins the world," that's the truth.

Now catering consumers are mainly young people from the 1980s, 1990s and the 1990s. They are living in the era of rapid changes in the Internet. What kind of restaurants do they like to go to?

1. Provide a quiet dining environment

The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster. In cement forests, people pay more attention to themselves and have a stronger sense of alienation from the outside world. Even when dining, they hope to form a relatively independent and autistic dining environment. However, catering establishments are a service industry, and the processes of ordering, serving dishes, kitchen, and cash register all require repeated communication and confirmation from person to person, which is very annoying.

The Cloud Rabbit system believes that a better solution is to introduce a catering information system, which will transfer ordering, table service, kitchen printing, mobile payment and other methods from offline to online, and operate through mobile phones, tablets, WeChat and other terminals to reduce inquiry, queuing, and waiting time, so that customers can eat comfortably without saying a word.

2. Intelligent processes and efficient operations

As mentioned above, young people like fashion and Internet consumption. The introduction of electronic menu, mobile payment and other systems in restaurants is a way to meet young people's preferences. When entering the Cloud Rabbit system, the first thing you see is queuing up for dining, guiding tables and seats, followed by ordering and paying on WeChat, and then synchronously printing orders from the kitchen and cash register, all completed online. A more intelligent process design can make restaurant operations more efficient, reduce labor costs in the service process, and maximize the focus of catering staff on the taste of things, After all, taste is the soul of a restaurant.

3. Singers who cannot be tailors are not good cooks

Nowadays, catering cannot just focus on catering. If you want to make your restaurant bigger, stronger, and more popular, you need to be good at observing and discovering young and interesting elements in life, such as cultural shirts, creative bookmarks, and fun tableware, integrated into restaurant management. At the same time, restaurants can also generate some by-products, such as Hai Di Lao De Se, which is actually a trading of hot pot base ingredients.

These derived "buying and selling" can exist as gifts, shine in marketing activities, or serve as a side business for enterprises, creating another world.

4. Marketing should be playful, attentive, and not superficial

With the spread of social sharing culture on the Internet, when food is served in front of the table, people think of taking photos, posting microblogs, and making friends, so that business value is constantly expanding in sharing.

So shouldn't catering now play Internet social marketing? However, many catering brands have misunderstood Internet social networking. They often launch promotional information in the store, but there is nothing new about giving up profits in vain. In fact, when doing marketing, the first thing to understand is what customers want, what they like to see, and what can immediately remind them of your catering brand.

To achieve these, we need to rely on the data statistics of the Cloud Rabbit system. It can collect user nicknames, contact information, order records, dining frequency, and specific times to a large extent, analyze customer preferences and habits, and win customer attention and recognition in details. This is the correct and reliable marketing method.

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