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The catering industry is plagued by chaos in attracting franchisees, and Baidu and authoritative ins

Recently, in order to further standardize the Internet marketing of the catering industry, Baidu and the industry authority China Cuisine Association have reached a data cooperation agreement. The two sides will focus on the protection of formal enterprise brands and the joint attack of illegal enterprises, carry out data sharing and cooperation, and work together to create a good environment for the development of the catering industry and help the development of catering brands.

Jiang Junxian, president of the China Cuisine Association, said that in the era of mobile Internet, the healthy development of the catering industry depends on the Internet platform to provide a standard and fair competitive environment. The China Cuisine Association will be the first to recommend top 100 catering enterprises and registered Chinese restaurants to join the brand protection action, hoping to work with Baidu to combat all kinds of fake brands and purify the industry development environment.

In order to regulate the "Li Gui" chaos in the field of brand investment and franchise in the catering industry, in addition to reaching a data sharing cooperation with the China Cuisine Association, Baidu has also reached a data sharing cooperation intention with the China Chain Operation Association. The person in charge of the China Association of Chain Stores said that in addition to basic data sharing cooperation, the two sides are expected to carry out cooperation based on brand and intellectual product protection in more industries involved in the chain franchise field in the future, and gradually achieve multiple goals such as the development of the franchise industry, the protection of investors' rights and interests, and the fairness and standardization of the Internet platform.

The Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising, which came into effect on September 1 this year, defines paid search as advertising. Since then, the competitive ranking of search engines must comply with the "Advertising Law". Industry insiders say that objectively, this will be beneficial for purifying the search engine network environment. Baidu stated that it will actively cooperate with multiple third-party authoritative institutions in the future, continuously standardize and upgrade search advertising review policies, actively improve the quality of search advertising customers, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for regulatory authorities, Baidu platform, internet search, and corporate marketing.

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