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Smart foodies are all going to Paris to open restaurants and make money!

The grandmother of the "Big Brother" of Hangzhou Cuisine has opened its store in Los Angeles, Milan, and Singapore.

Hot pot tycoon Hai Di Lao already has seven directly operated hot pot restaurants in the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and other places.

Many chain catering enterprises, including Liu Yishou, Meizhou Dongpo, and Quanjude, have emerged one after another

Not only that, even common domestic delicacies such as a steamed bun and a bowl of small noodles can be cooked vigorously abroad.

For example, Zhou Zhengbo, a young man from Sichuan who went viral on social media last year, sold 100000 yuan worth of Chongqing noodles in London in three days;

For example, Chinese international student Liu Xiao, who graduated from MBA, opened a skewer restaurant in Boston, USA, earning $4000 a day;

These examples are so numerous that they can hardly be counted. It can be said that China's catering industry is an irreversible trend and a general trend.

Mr. Sun Yat sen once said, "The world is vast and mighty. If we follow the trend, we will prosper; if we go against it, we will perish." Therefore, only by following the trend can we become trendsetters.

So now, the opportunity has come. The Chinese Food and Entertainment City, jointly developed by Huatian Group and Xinda Group in Paris, and one of the few Chinese Food and Entertainment Cities in France, has officially begun to attract investment.

1. Project Introduction

The total area is 7200 square meters, divided into Building D and Building E. The area of Building D is 5500 square meters, of which 700 square meters are for mass sales KTV and 4800 square meters are for various specialty restaurants, including buffet, hot pot, grilled fish, Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, etc. Building E has an area of 1700 square meters and specializes in foot baths, massages, beauty treatments, etc. It is a comprehensive venue that integrates multiple functions such as couple gatherings, business negotiations, leisure and health preservation, and student gatherings.

2. Geographical advantages

Located at the confluence of the Seine and Marne rivers, 5 kilometers from BERCY VILLAGE and 16 kilometers from ORLY Airport, the transportation is very developed with guaranteed daily passenger flow.

3. Market opportunities

A. Surrounded by office buildings, China Food and Entertainment City can cover nearly 20000 office workers in the surrounding area;

B. Paris has a total population of 12 million, of which 350000 are Chinese. As one of the few Chinese food and entertainment cities in France, it can fully cover the entire Paris, with hundreds of thousands of Chinese being a stable customer base.

C. As a top tourist city in France, Paris has a greater advantage in tourist flow. Data shows that the number of Chinese tourists to France reached 2 million in 2014, and this number is still increasing at a rate of 20% annually.

4. Hardware advantages

Chinese style architecture, unique style; There is a garden built in the architectural complex, with a beautiful environment; Equipped with over 500 parking spaces and complete supporting facilities.

5. A new model of catering+leisure culture with strong replicability

The development model of Paris China Food and Entertainment City is a new model of catering+leisure culture, establishing a complete consumption ecosystem, including catering+entertainment+health preservation+hotels+cultural exhibitions and performances+characteristic duty-free shops+Chinese product supermarkets and other various formats. It is one of the top and only one comprehensive Chinese cultural experience centers in Europe and the world. And if it can mature within two years, this model can be replicated in Europe and major capital cities around the world.

6. Xinda Group provides comprehensive support for partners

A. Understand foreign markets and have resource advantages.

Xinda Group has been engaged in the catering industry for many years and has a deep understanding of the Paris and European markets. It can provide various resources such as funding, professional team, and social relations.

B. Assist partners in achieving Paris localization.

Reasonably replace some ingredients that foreigners do not like, and solve a series of problems such as logistics and industrial chain.

C. Can assist in resolving foreign affairs procedures.

Xinda Group has a strong legal and administrative team that can assist in resolving work visas and various foreign affairs procedures for its partner employees in France, enabling the partner to meet legal operating conditions as soon as possible.

D. Can build momentum for brand promotion.

Many well-known domestic brands are unknown abroad, largely due to insufficient promotion efforts. Xinda Group has a strong promotional team and numerous multimedia partners, which can provide brand promotion channels and share performance with merchants, not just closing their eyes and collecting rent.

There are McDonald's, KFC, and Starbucks in the United States, but in China, where food culture is so vibrant, such multinational giants have not emerged. Therefore, catering enterprises have a long way to go.

The Chinese Food and Entertainment City in Paris provides a huge opportunity for catering enterprises, whether it is its innovative model or strong support team, which can provide guarantees for the successful exit of catering enterprises.

Meanwhile, more overseas catering projects are also opening up to Chinese catering entrepreneurs. By investing in immigration through catering, catering owners can have another way to open up their lives.

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