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These restaurants designed for young customers subvert your concept of restaurants

The biggest attraction of a new restaurant is the quality of the food. But for some restaurants, the interesting experience goes beyond just taste buds. Below we recommend several strange and eerie restaurants around the world, which will overturn your concept of restaurants.

Rock Restaurant (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

The Rock Restaurant is named after its hall and is located on a rock near Michanvi Ringwe Beach in the southeast of Zanzibar. The small rock restaurant only has 12 tables. But if you're lucky enough to book a table, you'll see an unforgettable sea view for life. The restaurant's specialty is seafood. Octopus salad is a great appetizer, followed by rock themed lobster, long arm shrimp, prawns, fish fillets, and grilled squid. The restaurant can be reached on foot during low tide and requires a ferry ride during high tide.

Tree House Restaurant (Anick, England)

In this elevated restaurant, trees grow from the floor and soar into the clouds, and handmade screen windows are also made of tree branches. The Treehouse Restaurant is open for lunch, but the fairy tale lights during dinner make the place even more dreamy. The restaurant menu includes local seafood and meat from nearby farms. At present, grilled pork tenderloin and grilled water boiled salmon are both very popular foods.

Pearl Underwater Restaurant (Lungri Island, Maldives)

Located in the Conrad Maldives island resort, Ithaa claims to be the world's first all glass underwater restaurant. It provides customers with a 180 degree panoramic view of reefs and marine life at a depth of 5 meters below the water surface. You can taste caviar and lobster while admiring sharks and rays.

Foreign Cinema (San Francisco)

Regardless of the name, the movies in this rustic restaurant include "The Maltese Eagle," "The Iron Giant," and "The Little Godfather.". The movie is projected onto a painted white wall in a courtyard, but sitting by an indoor campfire or in an upstairs mezzanine can also overlook the dining room. They refer to the service here as a "typical San Francisco dining experience," with a daily updated menu featuring a variety of seasonal ingredients, as well as an oyster and shellfish bar.

Gayle Pirie and John Clark are the chefs and co owners of the restaurant here, traveling extensively to Europe and Asia just to find local handmade ingredients. The California/Mediterranean style menu of Foreign Cinema proves that their efforts have not been in vain.

Heart Attack Barbecue (Las Vegas)

As its name suggests, Heart Attack Grill is a nightmare for healthy OCD patients. In this Las Vegas restaurant, a nurse with a stethoscope is holding a variety of hamburgers, ranging from "one-sided bridging" to "eight sided bridging". The Four Sided Bridge Burger consists of four half pound meat patties, 8 pieces of cheese, and 16 pieces of bacon, with each round bread coated with lard. If a hamburger is not to the taste, there are many "thick line" fried foods, fried girl milkshakes, and wine infusion bags.

The heart attack barbecue proudly holds the Guinness World Record for a high calorie hamburger (the Four Sided Bridge Burger contains 9982 calories).

Ninja New York (New York)

Ninja New York takes the eerie theme very seriously, and its doors are very secretive. Once you find the entrance, stepping into this secret restaurant is like returning to feudal Japan. This restaurant has been crafted with iron bars and stone walls to resemble a Japanese mountain village, providing a pure ninja experience.

The waiter dresses like a mysterious warrior, whether it's jumping out of the shadows or playing small tricks all night to entertain the audience, they will make you linger and forget to leave. Even food flickers with fluorescence. Special dishes such as bonfire lamb chops and dragon rolls are completed through performances of blade twisting and karate chopping. Before enjoying the taste, you can also feel a visual feast.

Cave Restaurant (Polyniano Beach, Italy)

Ristorante Grotta Palazzese places its dining table on the edge of a cliff, allowing customers to overlook the sea. Not only that, this cave is a dining cave deeply embedded in a limestone cliff, where you can overlook the Adriatic Sea.

At a height of 74 feet (approximately 22.5 meters) above the water surface, diners can enjoy delicious shellfish stew and Italian rice soup with lobster added in the gentle sea breeze, with the sound of the sea crashing on the shore incessantly. From May to October, when the cave lights are reflected on the water surface, the night scenery here is particularly stunning and charming.

Shelter Hot Pot (Paris)

From the outside, it may look a bit like a luxurious carnival, but its menu is very simple. Most hotpot restaurants are the same, with only two choices: red wine or Baijiu, cheese or meat. But this restaurant is a bit strange. In Paris, wine stored in glasses is subject to taxation.

To circumvent this regulation, Le Refuge des Fondues uses spill proof baby bottles for red wine. The pleasure of having a few friends suck on plastic pacifiers together often accelerates red wine consumption. If you want to graffiti after drinking, there is still a large wall full of graffiti around you.

In the Dark (Paris)

Hate eggplants? You just ate that eggplant with relish. In the Dans le noir chain restaurant, diners are eating mysterious food in the dark environment. The restaurant's idea is that if you can't see the food, its taste will be stronger because visual obstruction will make the taste more prominent.

When you are unable to "judge food by appearance," your concept of food will undergo a disruptive change. In addition to this cool way of enjoying food, the restaurant in the dark also hires blind and visually impaired waiters to guide you through the eating process.

Bag Man Restaurant (Nuremberg, Germany)

At the Baggers restaurant, you need to order on the touch screen on your desktop, and in a few minutes, the food will be placed on a roller coaster style network track throughout the restaurant and delivered to the table.

It is easy for people to keep ordering meals because they want to watch the plates slide and rotate on the track. Some circles can make the plate flip upside down. In order to avoid confusion when dishes arrive at the dining table, some dishes in the order will be delivered in separate containers, as well as canned condiments and soup.

A abandoned restaurant in Belgium, consisting of a "Thousand Souls House" and a mysterious bar, is widely known as the "Ghost Dinner Bar" in the area. This hell restaurant makes people feel like eating in a haunted house.

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